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Geoff's first race in 1969 on the 125cc Wildcat Vega 5 port.  He was pipped over the line for 1st place by Nick Barnes on a 125cc Gp.  One of the first in the country Riding the 225 works Wildcat.  When going well it was quick for its day, but very unreliable with piston seizure problems Geoff on the works Wildcat Gp 125cc. His first race Gp.  Not as fast as the 125 Vega Leading Pete Chapman who was the Isle of Man supreme champion in his day.  He is on his 90cc Vespa SS.  Sadly Pete died quite young. The Hampshire Union race team at the Isle of Man in the early 70's Geoff's most succesful scooter.  The 150cc GP Wildcat.  He won the Group 3 championship in 1977.  Sadly this was the year Les Rafferty died, and he wasn't there to see it. Geoff on the Wildcat 225cc at Mallory Park short circuit in 1971.  No longer used today Geoff leading Nev Frost (the most succesful all round scooterist of his day) on the Wildcat 225cc at Castlecombe 1972.  This was the first and only win Geoff ever had on this bike. Geoff at the Lydden Festival of Speed 1975 on the SX200 Wildcat.  This was another succesful scooter that he won a lot of races on. Geoff with his feet up, with Tony Wilcocks and Dave Buggins  at the I.O.M. in the early 70's.  Yes, they were in the bar!!! Geoff on his Wildcat 150cc Gp at Darley Moor.  He won every race he entered there on this scooter, and managed to take over 5 seconds off the class lap record. Geoff on his Wildcat 150cc GP at the Lydden hairpin 1988.  Pete Hinsley, Roly Caldecutt, Ray Kemp and Geoff Stephens at the British Championship Presentation when Pete & Roly won the Sidecar Championship using one of the first TSI kits prepared by Geoff Geoff working on his GP200 bike supplied by Richard Arm Geoff posing with his SX200 Wildcat before a race at Lydden in the 70's Geoff riding the Balaugh circuit at the Isle of Man in 1971 on the group 6 GP Race Wildcat.  He was in the lead on the last lap when the crankshaft snapped Geoff dicing with Dave Webster and Graham Oliver at the Lydden Festival of Speed Geoff leading Ray Kemp at the Isle of Man 1971 when the crankshaft snapped on the last lap Round the hairpin at Darley Moor on the Wildcat 150cc GP Geoff with Tony Wilcox astride his Wildcat sidecar outfit at the I.O.M. in 1972 Posing on his championship winning 150cc GP  Wildcat at Lydden in 1977 Riding around another rider at Lydden Hill paddock bend on the 225cc Wildcat Dykes Special Geoff Stephens, Graham oliver, Steve Collette with the Lambretta Club of Great Britain Club Championship Trophy's won by Hampshire Union in 1978 The very first 125cc Wildcat Vega being tried outside the workshop at Rafferty Newmans in 1970 Geoff recently posing with an original Wildcat 5 port barrel at Allstyle Scooters Workshop



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