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These pages are in their infancy. There are many more photos to be scanned and I still have an awful lot to do with them such as identify all riders and tracks. However I think it's worth a look to anyone who is interested in the sport of Scooter Racing from yesteryear.

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Please, if anyone can identify unknown riders or if I have mistaken them for others , do not hesitate to contact me and correct my errors. Thank you!

Geoff Stevens on one of the 'Works' Wildcat X5 multiports at Crystal Palace Unknowns at Cadwell Park 'Crickie' and 'Happy' at Mallory Park Pete Hockley and Tim Manhire on their Wildcat outfit along the back straight of Mallory Park Dave Burridge on his Wildcat 150 at Cadwell Park Start grid before a race at Cadwell Park

Me approaching the fast right hander at the bottom of Lydden Hill Nev Frost leading Geoff Stevens at Cadwell Park Geoff Stevens leading along the back straight of Cadwell Park.  Pursuing him are one unknown rider, + Dave Bowen and Colin Armet Crickie and Happy at Cadwell Unknown outfit leading Crickie and Happy at Cadwell 2 unknown riders leading Nev Frost at Crystal Palace

Chris Watson on the P.J.Oakley 150cc at Cadwell Nev Frost leading Geoff Stevens and Dave Bowen out of Devils Elbpw at Mallory Park Unknown faller at Mallory Park hairpin Geoff Stevens flat out on the back straight at Cadwell Park Bev Flanagan trying to stop the chair getting airborne at Cadwell Rare photo of Les Rafferty racing the works Wildcat 125cc at Mallory Park

Nev Frost steaming along the back straight at Cadwell Dave Bowen hurtling into the Devils Elbow at Mallory Crickie and Happy at Cadwell Les Rafferty on a parade lap at Mallory 2 unknown riders into the short circuit hairpin at Cadwell Park Ned Newman watching an engine strip on Crickie's outfit at Crystal Palace


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