I have been contacted by Malcolm Pyke, (A.K.A. Spyke to all scooter racers of the late 60's and early 70's) editor of the original Club & Circuit magazine. (Click here to read Spykes Club & Circuit magazine story)
It ran for four years between 1969 and 1973 and was sold at every UK race meeting
To my delight, he tells me that he is still in possession of every magazine printed in that 4 year span.

Check out some of his magazine front covers

He has already sent me some photos from those early years(see below) and I'm hoping to receive more material to share with the world via my website. I hope this stimulates some more folks out there to have a dig around their lofts, and seek out some piccys

After checking out the piccys below, click here for Spykes photo link page

Spykes Collection (last updated 13th November)
Colin Armett 1970.jpg
Colin Armett 1970
Colin Armett 1971.jpg
Colin Armett 1971
Ian M Lacey sidecars.jpg
Ian M Lacey sidecars
John Rolands.jpg
John Rolands
Kevin Reilly at Lydden.jpg
Kevin Reilly at Lydden
Nev Frost 1971.jpg
Nev Frost 1971
Ron Moss 1971.jpg
Ron Moss 1971
Alan Jupp - Cadwell.jpg
Alan Jupp - Cadwell
Alan Jupp  Tom Pead at Cadwell.jpg
Alan Jupp Tom Pead at Cadwell
Barry Passingham - Lydden.jpg
Barry Passingham - Lydden
Chas de Lacy - Fulbeck.jpg
Chas de Lacy - Fulbeck
Nev  Bev at Cadwell.jpg
Nev Bev at Cadwell
Nev Frost 1972.jpg
Nev Frost 1972
Phil Jolly at Lydden.jpg
Phil Jolly at Lydden
I Mycock and A Marchant.jpg
I Mycock and A Marchant - Lydden
Nev and Paul - Lydden.jpg
Nev and Paul - Lydden
Nev's Yamaha 350 - Lydden.jpg
Nev's Yamaha 350 - Lydden
Nev Frost at Lydden.jpg
Nev Frost at Lydden

Numbering sequence:
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11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18

1. Colin Armett at Mallory Park 1970 - John Haig
2. Colin Armett at Mallory Park 1971 - John Haig
3. Ian Lacey at Cadwell Park 1973 - Mick Murphy
4. John Rolands at Fulbeck Sprint 1973 - Mick Murphy
5. Kevin Reilly at Lydden Hill 1971 - Mick Dawson
6. Nev Frost at Mallory Park 1971 - John Haig
7. Ron Moss at Mallory Park 1971 - John Haig
8. Alan Jupp at Cadwell Park 1972 - Mick Dawson
9. Alan Jupp and Tom Pead at Cadwell Park 1972 - Chas de Lacy
10. Barry Passingham at Lydden Hill 1972 - Mick Dawson
11. Chas de Lacy at Fulbeck Sprint 1973 - Mick Murphy
12. Nev Frost & Bev Flanagan at Cadwell Park 1972 - Mick Dawson
13. Nev Frost at Cadwell Park 1972 - Mick Eames
14. Phil Jolly at Lydden Hill 1972 - Mick Eames
15. Unknown sidecar at Lydden Hill 1972 - Mick Eames
16. Nev Frost and Paul Marshall at Lydden Hill 1974 - Spyke
17. Nev's bike at Lydden Hill 1975 - Spyke
18. Nev Frost at Lydden Hill 1976 - Motor Cycle News

The last three photos are of what happened with Nev Frost after scooters, which was similar to Ron Moss.
As the second image shows from it's number one plate, Nev was King of Lydden for two years running
on the JJM prepared Yamaha 350cc twin.
For an enlightened view on one of the reasons Nev was such a successful rider, check this out...

Nev Frost's Druidale Record Nev's own story on how he broke the 6 minute barrier on the Isle of Man Druidale Course in 1973.

C&C Preparation Trophy Scrutineering? Who are we kidding.

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