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Author at left hander at the bottom of the hill at Cadwell Park
Author at left hander at the bottom of the hill at Cadwell Park, a favourite circuit of mine, with loads of grip. I recall this felt like adverse camber because you were still coming off the hill when you turned.
Author at the club hairpin, Cadwell Park.
Author at the club hairpin, Cadwell Park. So slow you slipped the clutch in first gear. Braking for this turn from speed was a favourite moment for me, Dave said the front tyre smoked slightly and the rear pattered, with occasional glimpses of daylight under it. Emerging from the very slow turn, get it upright as soon as possible and nail it, a little wheelie was normal here, lovely feeling.

Awaiting confirmation of location
I didn’t take these pictures and they are before my time. I think Dave Jupp gave me a damaged and very out-of-date film to see if I could rescue anything, because there was a photographic department where I worked. In fact the film was in a shocking state and this was all they could get from it. Still worth a look though! I think I spy an early Alan Jupp, and Bev Flanagan (Frost), other slightly familiar helmets. Another one for your readers! As for the circuit I reckon it was Crystal Palace!! ( Webmaster identifies the circuit as Crystal Palace 1970, and the leading rider as Nick Barnes, any offers on the remainder???)

Awaiting confirmation of location
Author, dumping it at the twisty sprint. (Curborough?) Because of the slow, very tight bend I landed very hard, still holding the bars, face down. What I distinctly remember was the loud bang as my helmet hit the ground. When I got to my feet I was disorientated, and had no idea in which direction I was supposed to continue, and actually had to ask the photographers.

Main straight of Crystal Palace 1970

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