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Scooter Racing from the late 60's & early 70's + other associated memorabillia

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Ron Moss: Anyone who was involved in Scooter Racing in the late 60's and early 70's will instantly recognise this name. Check out his new Supertune website:- http://www.supertune.co

Motorcycle Sidecar Racing In A Previous Life                           

Club & Circuit Magazine All you old scooter racers take a trip down memory lane
A History of Rafferty Newman Wildcats Purely a personal view from my own perspective
Solent City Scooter Club Marten Holdway has created a website dedicated to our original club...Brill!
Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2003
Isle of Wight Scooter Rally 2004 Just a few piccys this year

Dave Tooley had a famous relative who survived the Titanic disaster
My Great Grandmothers sisters daughter (i.e. my Grans cousin from Folkestone, where I was born) was a famous survivor of the Titanic sinking in 1912. Her name was Elizabeth Nye. She went on to become a founder member of the Salvation Army in New York.

Read here how she described the sinking in her own words

Peter Franklin (a colleague of mine) has taken some brilliant photos of the recent heavy snowfall in the South of England.
Take a look by double-clicking on the thumbnail.

Pastel Portraits Pet Portraits and Miniatures by Jenny Morgan
My cousin 'Jenny Morgan' has asked me to link to her website
She is a very fine and accomplished artist, and I can highly recommend her for personal pastel portraits, whether they be of the human or animal kind.
Please take the time to check out her website, and if you like what you see then forward this link to anyone who may be interested.

Australian Stuff (A collection of photos taken in the South West of Australia during my second Ozzie holiday in 2003/2004)
Albany (Extremely windy remote South West point of Western Australia)
Quinns Rocks Sunset (A spectacular series of sunset photos I took one night in Australia as a huge storm was blowing in from the Indian Ocean)
Wave Rock Photos  (A great place for flies)
Moore River
  (Home of the King Brown snake)
Esperance  (Stunning Scenery)

Swimming Pool Page (In 2004 my mate Trev & I erected a swimming pool in my garden, want to take a look?)
Dave Tooley's Portsmouth Harbour Page (Photos taken from the Still & West Pub, Old Portsmouth)
Dave Tooley's Canary Wharf Page 2002 (Photos taken during a stroll around the London Docklands))
My horrendous trip to Indonesia in 2000. 
Portsmouth Tourist Links

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